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Chef Otto

Chef, Author, Speaker, Humanitarian.
Taste the Freedom!

Mr. Right Stuff

He was raised in Appalachia. The son of farmers. Enlisted as a Private and became a General without a college degree. Was a Flying Ace, shooting down 5 German planes in a single day. Along the way he became America’s Greatest Pilot.
Mr Right Stuff himself broke the speed barrier and remains an inspiration for all to break existing barriers. A badass, a hero, a national treasure. The epitome of American Exceptionalism. Proof of grit, determination, Yankee ingenuity can result in soaring accomplishments. A thankful nation owes a debt of gratitude to this extraordinary man. A phenomenal example of a life well lived in the service to our country. He took us to the wild blue yonder and beyond. He energized US to imagine the possibilities.
General Chuck Yeager 2.13.23-12.7.20 RIP

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