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A Texas Size Paella

Whether you are from Texas, or not, have lived or visited the Lone Star State. One thing for sure, Everything is bigger in Texas. Texas is not a state, it’s a state of mind, credit to John Steinbeck. I lived there for nearly a decade and have formed incredible friendships with Texans. The hard core Texans, Like my friend Billy Bob, refer to it as the Republic of Texas. It’s a storied history of mavericks, rebels, bank robbers, billionaires, conspiracy theories, oil, longhorns, musicians, and of course Cowboys. Be they wearing a 10 gallon hat, or a helmet, their tales

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The Frost Is On The Pumpkin

Its mid-October, I love this time of year. Although I live in the Carolinas, temperatures soared into the mid-nineties up until last week. Unseasonably hot for this boy raised on the chilly shores of Lake Erie. Not complaining, there is a reason why this Buckeye moved south three decades ago. Snow, I love it, don’t miss it, and certainly would rather drive to it than try to drive out of it. I sure as heck don’t want to shovel it. Especially the wet snow, as heavy and dense as soaked sand. There is something magical about this change of season.

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