A Chef Is Born

A Chef is Born by author Otto G. Borsich II is the captivating story of a small-town boy foreordained to become a chef. Action-packed and inspiriting, this compulsively readable memoir-cookbook offers a delicious combination of Forest Gump slathered with Kitchen Confidential served with a generous side of Ratatouille.

An Otto-Biography

Otto G Borsich II


Raised from humble roots in the Heartland, after nearly dying on the delivery table, discover his continued struggle as he conquered a childhood disability. Through Otto’s boyish eyes, observe Grandma B, an old world artisan from Budapest orchestrate her skills as a strudel maestro. Relive his youth when he innocently created a one of a kind shirt so outlandish and controversial he disrupted his entire 4th grade class, resulting in a public spanking. Flashback to his teenage years and the vexatious relationship he had with a domineering mother. Travel with Chef Otto beneath the depths of the Pacific Ocean cooking on the nuclear submarine USS Patrick Henry. Serving the sailors who served our country, thereby plotting the course for his true calling.

In his no-knives barred approach to life and cooking, Borsich carves out his own Otto-biography. This memoir told in his idiosyncratic style, captivates with extraordinary expression and universal appeal. Peppered with rock & roll, redemption, and recipes, his story is irreverent, intoxicating, and inspiring. Humorous and healing, A Chef is Born will make you laugh, cry, think, and like a great meal, leave you wanting more. Candid, witty, colorful, and at times cutting, indeed, a compelling story. You will savor the flavor of the recipes and prose. This is a literary smorgasbord. An exquisite presentation offering something for everyone. A rarity for any book of any genre. Definitely a must read.

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